#DressesDressesDresses #OpenSunday #Lovefrox We have THE most amazing range …

#DressesDressesDresses #OpenSunday #Lovefrox

We have THE most amazing range of gorgeous dresses, in stock now πŸ’œ. These pictures are just SOME of our NEW arrivals. You will be totally spoilt for choice and will love the upbeat, fun and friendly Fancy Frox environment. We LOVE busy season and helping our #fancyfroxfabulous customers find their perfect dress. A member of the Fancy Frox Team will go out of their way to help you find what you are looking for πŸ™‚. We only sell one dress style to each prom/event and our prices are #simplythebest. There is absolutely no pressure to buy just great service, honest advice and a very warm welcome. We are now open on Sundays and late night Tuesdays too!! #LoveBusySeason 😍

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