We are often asked “Why use a firm of Chartered Accountants?” In the United Kin…

We are often asked “Why use a firm of Chartered Accountants?”

In the United Kingdom anybody can set themselves up as an accountant. Unlike the terms ‘solicitor’, ‘doctor’ or ‘architect ’ which are words that are protected by law, the word accountant is not protected.

There are many people offering accountancy and tax services to the public who hold no recognised qualifications, and their clients will have no way of knowing whether they can rely on their expertise. This is why we believe it is wise to seek the services of a fully qualified firm of Chartered Accountants.

We are proud to be registered with the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW).

Chartered Accountants complete a rigorous programme of examinations and practical work experience before attaining Chartered status. Practitioners must have at least five years’ practical experience and have successfully completed further tests before they are licensed by the ICAEW to offer their services to the public and businesses.

If you use our services you can rely upon:

– Our integrity, knowledge and expertise
– Our absolute respect for the confidentiality of your affairs
– The fact that there is a regulatory body who will ensure that standards are maintained
– The fact that we must operate within a strict framework of rules and ethics

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