The English Takeaway

Please get involved in this worthy cause and help people in our town! We will be donating and helping out on Christmas day. Click on the post, give The English Takeaway your thoughts and support this.

The English Takeaway

Would you help?

We are thinking about opening up on Christmas day to help vulnerable people in our area and provide them with a free hot meal on Christmas day. By vulnerable people we mean homeless people and elderly people who don’t have any family or friends around or who are not able to cater for themselves and won’t be getting a meal on Christmas day.

Here is where you come in, to make this happen we would need YOUR help and therefore, we want your thoughts on whether it would be worth The English Takeaway doing this. We are prepared as a family to miss our Christmas day to help others but would you help too? Would you donate £1-£2 to allow us to cater for the people who really need our help on Christmas day?.

To make this happen we would need the community to come together! We would need donations to allow us do it in the first place to help towards food costs, volunteers for a few hours on Christmas day and a venue in Spalding to allow the homeless a place to eat the meals we provide.

It would be great if we could get a free venue, farmers donating vegetables etc. and you, the general public donating a very small amount (less than we have probably lost in the car!) to help us make this happen!

We are NOT looking to make a profit out of this; it’s purely to help others. I wouldn’t like to think one of my relatives was all alone or even homeless at Christmas! Christmas is a time of giving and if you can’t help anyone at Christmas when can you?!

So what are your thoughts? Is there a need for us to do this? Would you get involved? If you don’t think we should do it, why not? We want as many thoughts and opinions are possible to help us decide whether to go forward and do this so please share the post, get involved with your own opinion and tell us what you think!

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